Advantages of CNC machining

Fri Apr 15 15:19:34 CST 2022

CNC machine tools are increasingly widely used in mechanical processing due to their high precision, high efficiency, and ability to adapt to the processing of small batches of multiple varieties of complex parts. To sum up, the processing of CNC machine tools has the following advantages.

Strong adaptability. Adaptability is the so-called flexibility, which is the adaptability of the index-controlled machine tool to change with the change of production objects. When changing the machining part on the CNC machine tool, it is only necessary to reprogram the program and input the new program to realize the machining of the new part; there is no need to change the hardware of the mechanical part and the control part, and the production process is completed automatically. This provides great convenience for single-piece and small-batch production of complex structural parts and trial production of new products. Strong adaptability is the most prominent advantage of CNC machine tools, and it is also the main reason for the production and rapid development of CNC machine tools.