Application of basic knowledge of tools for CNC machining, turning, milling

Mon Apr 25 14:41:26 CST 2022

1. Basic features of tools for machining centers

In order to meet the requirements of CNC machine tools such as machining accuracy, machining efficiency, concentration of machining procedures and less number of parts clamping, CNC machine tools have many performance requirements for the tools used. The tools and tool systems for machining centers have the following characteristics: (1) Blades and Generalization, regularization and systematization of tool holder height; (2) Standardization and typification of insert and tool parameters and cutting parameters; (3) Matching of insert or tool materials and cutting parameters with the material of the workpiece to be machined; (4) The blade or tool has a long service life and good processing rigidity; (5) The positioning accuracy of the blade and the tool holder is high. The relative position of the tool holder to the machine tool spindle is relatively high; (6) The tool holder must have high strength, rigidity and Wear resistance, the weight of the tool holder and the tool system cannot exceed the standard; (7) The indexing, reloading and repeated positioning accuracy of the tool holder are required to be high.

2. Tool materials for machining centers 2.1 Common tool materials

Commonly used CNC tool materials include high-speed steel, cemented carbide, coated cemented carbide, ceramics, cubic boron nitride, diamond, etc. Among them, high-speed steel, cemented carbide, and coated cemented carbide are the most widely used in CNC machining. Among the commonly used tools, high-speed steel and coated high-speed steel have the best toughness, and the hardness of coated cemented carbide is higher. Among the cemented carbide tool layers, ceramic tools, cubic boron nitride, and diamond tools have higher hardness. Except for special materials, tools of these materials are generally not used (due to their high hardness and difficulty in sharpening, and the cutting edge of forming tools is not easy to sharpen and easy to chip, usually used for processing harder materials).