NC Machining Method of Superalloy Complex Surface Parts

Mon Jul 25 14:39:08 CST 2022

A numerical control machining method of superalloy complex surface parts is realized by means of quaternion node smoothing method, POWERMILL software and five-axis high-speed machining center. The POWERMILL software is used to obtain the tool machining trajectory with evenly distributed nodes, and generate the CNC machining program. The CNC machining program is optimized in the CNC system to realize the machining of the complex curved surface parts by the CNC machining system. It is characterized in that: the machining method includes the following steps : Step 1. According to the digital model file of the complex surface part, obtain the position surface of the node where the direction of the tool is turned, and set the discrete tool attitude point vector on the node position surface as the discrete particle vector on the unit sphere. According to the quaternion Number theory, curve fitting N discrete particles in the quaternion space to make the curve smooth, and obtain the quaternion node smoothing expression of the node position surface; step


2, express the quaternion node smoothing Enter the POWERMILL software, use the surface projection processing method provided by the POWERMILL software, and use the driving surface method to adjust the values ​​of the tolerance coefficient and grid coefficient in the POWERMILL software. Simulate the tool moving process in the middle of the process, check whether the tool path is smooth on the workpiece surface and whether there is overcut, select a set of tolerance coefficient and grid coefficient data to make the tool path smooth without overcut and save it; step

3, in POWERMILL In the software, on the point distribution interface, select "Redistribution" for the output type, check "Point separation limit" and "Limit maximum triangle length" to achieve uniform point distribution, generate a tool path path file, and then pass the POWERMILL software. The post-processing program generates a CNC machining program suitable for the five-axis high-speed machining center; Step

4: Input the CNC machining program into the CNC system, set the tool radius compensation value in the CNC system, and use easy-to-machine metal materials to The numerical control machining program set in the numerical control system is tested and verified, and the tool radius compensation value without overcutting is used as the set value and saved in the numerical control system; step

5. In the numerical control system, set the curve node Use the metal material that is easy to process to test the CNC machining program set in the CNC system, and take the cutting speed value without vibration pattern as the set value and save it in the CNC system; Step

6 . The CNC machining program is regenerated in the CNC system, and the CNC machining system uses the regenerated CNC machining program to process the complex curved surface parts.