NC Machining Method of Tongue and Groove Chamfering

Fri Jul 22 10:35:30 CST 2022

The numerical control machining method of tenon and groove chamfering is characterized in that, the method and steps are as follows: 1) analyze the overall structural characteristics of the roulette, and determine that the tenon and groove chamfering processing method of the roulette is one-side and one-side sequential processing, and then the two sides are processed and connected .


2) Analyze the structural characteristics of the tongue and groove, and select the tools, machine tools and fixtures for CNC machining in combination with the overall structure of the roulette;

3) Determine the NC machining tool position trajectory for generating tongue and groove chamfering, and the specific steps are as follows: (1) According to the structure of tongue and groove chamfering, fillet the position of tongue and groove chamfering in segments, and perform equidistant offset; (2) ) Perform equal-parameterization processing on each offset surface in (1), obtain the number n of parameterized lines through the analysis of cutting residual height and the calculation of the cutting amount, insert n equal-parameterized curves on each offset surface, and then go through The methods of trimming, bridging and connecting are processed to generate n smoothing curves, that is, tool driving lines; (3) obtain the normal vector of each offset surface in (1), and project it to the xy plane to obtain the common angle of the projection Scope; combined with the structural characteristics of the tongue and groove, determine the scope of the tool axis direction to ensure that the tool axis does not interfere during the machining process; select the appropriate tool axis direction according to the position of the tool contact point and the machining inclination;

(4) Generate the tool position trajectory according to the tool axis direction and the tool position drive line; (5) Carry out a simulation check on the generated tool position trajectory, if overcut or yield cut occurs, return to 2) Reprocessing until a suitable tool position is generated (6) For the tongue-and-groove structure with symmetry on both sides of the same surface, the tool position track on the other side is generated by general CAM software; for the tongue-and-groove structure with asymmetrical sides on both sides, the tool path generation method on the other side is the same as step 3) (1) to (5); 4) Use the tool position path generated by 3) to process the chamfer on one side of the single end face of the tenon groove of the wheel disc in sequence; then process the chamfer on the other side of the same end face in sequence;

5) After the chamfering of the first end face is completed, turn over to process the tenon and groove fillet of the other end face.