New technology and method to improve the quality of 6061 vacuum brazing

Mon May 23 19:52:46 CST 2022

This method can effectively promote the removal of air oxide film and further improve the qualification rate of product welding. This method selects the following technical standards to better carry out the above purposes: it includes surface solution, rust prevention, cleaning, assembly and welding; the above surface solution is to carry out overall sandblasting on the surface to be welded of the workpiece to be welded, Symmetrical pits are formed; the distance between the nozzle and the surface to be welded is 100~350mm, the working pressure Pa of the spray in 5010~20010, and the particle size analysis of the target quartz sand is 15~75. The selection technical standards of the present invention are: 155~305 nozzles and the surface to be welded~305mm, 5010~1501000 spraying working pressure Pa, and the particle size analysis of quartz sand is 30~60 mesh. Compared with the original processing technology, this method adopts a relatively sound sandblasting technology on the surface to be welded of the aluminum profile to be welded, and then produces a layer of thin-thick symmetry, irregular surface external effect structure, and density on the to-be-welded surface. High pits. Therefore, in vacuum pump brazing, because the expansion orientation of the surface to be welded is inconsistent after heating, it will push the air oxide film to smash more easily; in addition, because the surface to be welded is uneven, the surface to be welded is uneven with the surface to be welded. Touching the total area will create a certain gap, which is not only beneficial to the discharge of water vapor generated by brazing, but also beneficial to the pulverized air oxide film being floated and discharged by the needle, resulting in a more polarized brazing joint. This is simply because the surface to be welded is still relatively clean after the traditional analytical chemical method is used to remove the plastic film. The total contact area between the surface to be welded and the surface to be welded is too small, and the air oxide film and vapor cannot be fully discharged. , Brazing raw materials can not wet parent raw materials, resulting in unstable welding quality. According to the actual conditions of use, the success rate of product welding in this method can be increased from less than 40% to 80%, and a better expected effect has been obtained.