Principle of CNC machining process

Fri Apr 29 14:02:16 CST 2022

The programming methods of NC machining are divided into manual (manual) programming and automatic programming. Manual programming, the entire content of the program is manually written according to the instruction format specified by the CNC system. Automatic programming is computer programming, which can be divided into automatic programming methods based on language and painting. However, no matter what kind of automatic programming method is adopted, corresponding hardware and software are required.

It can be seen that the realization of CNC machining programming is the key. But programming alone is not enough. CNC machining also includes a series of preparations that must be done before programming and the aftermath of programming. Generally speaking, the CNC machining process mainly includes the following contents:

(1) Select and determine the parts and contents for CNC machining;

(2) Process analysis of CNC machining of parts drawings;

(3) Process design of CNC machining;

⑷ Mathematical processing of part drawings;

⑸ Write the processing program list;

⑹ Make control medium according to the program list;

⑺ program verification and modification;

⑻ First piece trial processing and on-site problem handling;

⑼ The finalization and filing of CNC machining process documents.