Processing principle of vacuum diffusion welding

Fri Aug 26 10:27:31 CST 2022

Vacuum diffusion welding refers to a welding method in which closely-fitting components are kept under a certain temperature and pressure for a period of time in a vacuum environment, so that the atoms between the contact surfaces diffuse each other to form a connection. Although diffusion welding is a kind of welding method with a long history welding process, but it has not been developed rapidly until recent years. The weld seam of this process is invisible to the naked eye, and no brazing filler metal is added and no material is melted. Even at high magnification, it is difficult to observe the crystalline phase transition. The part properties of diffusion welding are also unique with higher strength, best corrosion resistance, and no cross-contamination. Many new applications, including energy engineering, semiconductor, tooling and aerospace, are starting to be used for their many advantages. this special process.

Vacuum Diffusion Welding Characteristics

(1) The joint strength is high. It is especially suitable for welding of materials that are prone to cracks by fusion welding. Since the properties of the base metal are not changed, the chemical composition and microstructure of the joint are the same or close to those of the base metal, and the joint strength is high.

(2) There are many types of weldable materials. Diffusion welding can weld many similar metals and alloys, as well as many dissimilar materials. If the vacuum diffusion welding with the transition alloy layer is used, it is also possible to weld dissimilar or the same materials that have very different physical and chemical properties and are prone to form brittle compounds at high temperatures.

(3) It can be used for the manufacture of parts that require large area bonding, laminated components, hollow components, porous or components with complex internal channels, closed internal joints and other parts with poor accessibility by welding methods.

(4) Diffusion welding is integral heating, with small deformation of components and high dimensional accuracy