System operation method for machining aviation parts in CNC machining production line of aviation parts,

Mon May 30 17:24:59 CST 2022

The system operation method of the aviation parts CNC machining production line for processing aviation parts. The structure of the production line is: set up a tooling assembly station on the ground, and distribute a number of CNC machining stations symmetrically in a straight line on both sides of the tooling assembly station. Set up a horizontal CNC machining center; set a penetrating truss above the CNC machining station and the tooling assembly station, with a mobile lifting device on the truss, and a central control server outside the CNC machining station. Control the position conversion of each horizontal CNC machining center and hoisting device respectively; the number of tooling assembly stations is three, the main assembly station in the middle, and the shop assistant stations on both sides; it is characterized in that the operation method includes the following steps: the CNC Program, the position of the tool in the tool magazine is set in the production process execution system of the MES manufacturing enterprise according to the requirements of the process regulations; installation of the tooling: place the tooling fixture on the main assembly station, and position the part to be processed on the tooling fixture, the tooling fixture together with The parts are turned upright, and the hoisting device is controlled to be hoisted to the auxiliary station; and another set of parts to be processed is continued to be clamped on the corresponding fixture at the main assembly station; hoisting in place: when there are idle CNC machining workers After it is detected that there are parts with fixtures on the auxiliary station, the central control server controls the lifting device, and the prepared fixtures and parts are transported to the idle CNC machining station and confirmed by the operator. After the position is correct, the central control server operates the hoisting device to drop the tooling, and the system program automatically verifies the flatness, verticality and set origin; processing parts: the central control server system automatically closes the safety door, and retrieves the corresponding parts in the MES system Set the machining program for wool and start machining; in the process of machining, the MES system observes the machining state of the parts, the wear of the tool, the cooling state of the coolant, the load of the spindle motor, and the remaining time for the machining center to be displayed on the central display. After the completion of the machining center and the voice system prompt are displayed on the central display screen of the central control server, the operating system automatically opens the safety door and controls the lifting device to transport the parts to the three-coordinate testing machine for testing. After the inspection is completed, control the hoisting device to transport it from the three-coordinate inspection station to the main assembly station, and unload the parts; confirm whether the parts of the main assembly station continue to the next process, if necessary, the main assembly station will re-clamp the parts and lift them The device transports the parts to the paving station platform (and waits to be transferred to the CNC machining station that is about to be idle, and repeats the steps until the entire part is processed.