Technological Characteristics of CNC Lathe Precision Parts Machining

Wed Apr 13 10:20:20 CST 2022

CNC lathe processing is a general term for the processing of parts on CNC machine tools. Computer-controlled machine tools are collectively referred to as CNC lathes in the machining industry, regardless of whether they are computers specially designed to control CNC machine tools or general computers. As a CNC system, CNC lathe processing is widely used in the precision parts processing industry. The following will introduce the process characteristics of CNC lathe precision parts processing:


The program of the CNC system is compiled by professional engineers according to the material, process requirements and machine tool characteristics of the parts. The CNC system program sends out run or interrupt information to the machine tool to control the operation of the machine tool. After the machining of precision parts is finished, the machine tool will automatically stop running under the command of the program.

The characteristics of CNC machine tools themselves determine that their main function is to process products with a certain degree of complexity. Such products generally have relatively complex shapes, and their main purpose is to solve some problems that cannot be solved by ordinary processing methods. The biggest feature of CNC machining in the application of precision parts processing is that it can use the punched belt to control the machine tool for automatic processing.