the main content of CNC machining process

Wed Aug 17 15:43:21 CST 2022

First, the basic characteristics of CNC machining

1. The process content of CNC machining is more complicated than that of ordinary machine tools.

2. The preparation of CNC machine tool processing procedures is more complicated than the preparation of ordinary machine tool process regulations. This is because the problems that do not need to be considered in the processing technology of ordinary machine tools, such as the arrangement of the steps in the process, the tool setting point, the tool changing point and the determination of the tool path, should be carefully considered when compiling the CNC machining process.

Second, the main content of CNC machining process

1. Select 0 pieces suitable for processing on CNC machine tools, and determine the process content.

2. Analyze the drawings of the processed parts, clarify the processing content and technical requirements, determine the processing plan, and formulate the CNC processing route, such as the division of processes, the arrangement of processing sequences, and the connection of non-NC processing processes.

3. Adjust the program of CNC machining process. Such as the selection of tool setting point, tool change number, and compensation.

4. Assign tolerances in CNC machining.

3. Commonly used CNC machining methods

1. Plane hole system parts

Common point and linear control CNC machine tools (such as CNC drilling machines) are used for processing. When selecting the process route, the two principles of processing accuracy and processing efficiency are mainly considered.

2. Rotary body parts

Commonly used CNC lathes or grinders.

(1) Consider the processing efficiency: When processing on a lathe, the processing allowance is usually large, and the roughing route must be reasonably arranged to improve the processing efficiency. In actual programming, it is generally not suitable to use cycle commands, otherwise the empty tool at the machining feed rate is too large.

(2) Consider the strength of the tool tip: CNC lathes are often used to machine small grooves with low strength.